Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bay Area-San Francisco

Bay Area is one of the cultural landmarks in America which is home to one of the most dynamic and affluent urban dwelling with places like San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Its importance has only been growing with each passing day because high tech city like San Jose in Bay Area has been the world leader in digital revolution.
What started as an idea half a century before has now turned into a cutting edge technology that has made Bay Area into iconic technical hub. The city forefathers turned areas that once grew oranges into a high tech industrial area that specialized in future technology.
Bay area is also a cultural hub of America because of its liberal policies and is very tolerant as far as accepting minorities in its social structure. The very policies and thinking has made this area home to one of the largest populated urban areas in America.  
Probably one of the best known landmarks in the whole of Bay area is the ‘Golden Gate Bridge’ which is the center point in connecting main business districts of Eastern Bay Area to the Southern Bay Area. The bridge also is a technical marvel in itself till this day
The city of San Francisco too is an important part of the Bay Area as the it has dominated culturally and socially on things that have an important impact in everyday life. Millions visit this city for experiencing the unique lifestyle and urban culture.
One can take a tour of this city during your holidays in one of its iconic trams or if you have a large company you can even hire vehicles from Bay Area party bus rentals. There are San Francisco limo bus services if one wants to travel in luxury too. You can even choose San Francisco airport transportation when traveling by a plane to get to your hotel or your destination from an airport.


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